Cheap Hosting

I’m redoing my dad’s website, and since he’s planning on selling prints from his site, he doesn’t want to use his university account to host it (terms of use, I guess). It’s actually a good thing, because as far as I know you can’t host your domain name on their servers. So I’ve been on a quest for cheap (or preferably free) web hosting. I’ve found some that look promising:

  • mycgiserver: Offers free J2EE hosting. Right now to host your domain with them, though, you need to contribute at least 49 euros.
  • Doteasy: The web hosting is free, but if your domain name is registered with someone else (mine is with GoDaddy), you have to pay a one-time fee of $35. Cost would be amortized nicely if you stayed with them for long enough.
  • Dayana Host: It’s not free, but it only costs $5.99 a year (not per month, per year!) for their “Starter” plan. I’m not so impressed with their website (it’s ok, but the English isn’t always the best), but this one is looking like it might give the most bang for the buck.

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