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Well, this past weekend was a sales tax holiday here in Massachusetts, so of course I had to go out shopping.

I didn’t really get all that much: some shoes and clothing (no advantage there - clothes are always tax-free in Massachusetts), an inexpensive shredder (to shred all those pre-approved credit card offers until my opting out takes effect), and a lovely ergonomic keyboard.

It was an impulse buy, probably influenced by my friend and co-worker Rob recently buying the older version of this keyboard off eBay (the newer versions have moved keys around and he’s a stickler for “proper” key layout). Also, my wrists have been feeling a little iffy at work lately. I sure don’t want to develop any RSI - I know it can be very difficult to get rid of (I got tendonitis in my shoulder from swimming my junior year in college, and I’ve always felt a bit of a twinge when I’ve swum after that).

I used the older version of this keyboard two jobs ago, when I first got out of college. And really, it’s not at all hard to get used to. In fact, it was more strange to go from a split keyboard back to a normal one than it was to get used to the split one in the first place.

A split keyboard really is better for your wrists. If you put your hands on a normal keyboard, as if you were typing, you’ll notice that your hands are kind of angled in together. An ergonomic keyboard keeps your hands more in line with your arms, reducing the stress on your wrists.

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  1. Matthom Says:

    Good idea. Although I find that the mouse causes me more stress, than the keyboard. That’s why I have a WACOM pen tablet, which has saved my current career.

    I’ve considered one of those ergonomic keyboards, but I figured the learning curve would be too annoying.

    But, as you said, it’s not that hard. So I might consider one.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Hmm, well the way I hold a pen, I think my hand would be under more stress than using a mouse! Whenever I try to use a pen or pencil for very long, my hand starts feeling cramped.

  3. Matthom Says:

    Oh no… it’s bliss. It’s much more natural (for me anyway). You don’t actually use the pen mouse like you would be writing - the pointer on screen has incredible response - so you barely have to move your hand (or wrist) at all. Just a slight shift, and the pointer responds nicely.

    I’m actually a lefty (at writing), so I use the pen mouse in my left hand, and my right hand (which used to use the real mouse) is now free of tension.

  4. Jennifer Says:

    How do you left and right click (and double-click)? Is there a scroll-wheel equivalent?

  5. Matthom Says:

    There is a little clicker on the side of the pen, which can be used for right click. To double-click, you just lightly tap twice on the surface. It’s a bit more challenging to double-click, but once you get the hang of it…

    No, there is no scroll wheel equivalent. So, that’s the only bad thing. I really miss the scroll wheel. So I’ve become a good friend to “Page Up,” and “Page Down.”

  6. J. Says:

    I was going to opt out online until I saw that you have to enter your SSN. With all the phishing that’s been going on lately, there’s no way I’m entering my SSN on that website. Is it just me or does that opt out website look very suspicious?!? Just giving you a heads up since your SSN is very important.

  7. J. Says:

    Sorry for the paranoia that I may have induced. Anyway, here’s a random post that I’ve discovered on google:

    OptOutPrescreen’s Privacy Policy

    I’m still not going to enter my SSN info though. I’d rather take my chances and just let those pre-approved letters coming. You can pretty much spot them anyway without even opening so it’s not a big deal to throw them in the trash.

  8. Jennifer Says:

    I probably wouldn’t have entered my info either, if I had just happened upon the site through Google. But since it was referred to in an offer from Bank of America, it seemed legitimate.

    And I hate the waste of all that junk mail. Sure, it’s easy to spot them and throw them away, but then I’m just helping fill the landfills. Plus, what if they ended up in the wrong hands? From all the news you hear, it sounds like it would be very easy for someone to sign up for a credit card in your name and ruin your credit.

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  10. henry Says:

    You should write return to sender on the junk mail and drop it in the mailbox. The sender will have to pay twice for it, and may think before bothering you again.