I just recently joined a site called The idea is simple - you enter the ISBN numbers of any books you’d like to get rid of, and request books you’d like to receive. It all works on a credit system: you get three free credits once you’ve posted nine books, and then you get one credit for each book that you actually send to someone. You pay the postage on any books you send (you don’t pay anything when you request a book).

So I found nine books that I didn’t have any reason to keep, entered them into the system, and found three books I thought I’d like to read. And the first one arrived in my mailbox today!

What makes this so easy is that you can print out the shipping label, which doubles as the packaging (you just wrap the book like a present), on a sheet of normal computer paper. And they tell you how many stamps you need for postage for a paperback book. No boxes required.

It’s such a nice, elegant concept. Cheaper than buying books that you’ll only read once, and no worries about overdue fines from the library.

2 Responses to “PaperBackSwap”

  1. Matthom Says:

    Hi Jennifer, what is your profile name, and/or email address used for this service - so I can use you as a referral?


  2. Alice Says:

    I’ve been a member of Paperback Swap but unfortunately no longer. After being on that site for three months, I feel like its too much hassle for what its worth. All the books that I wanted weren’t ever on the site and even when a book of mine was requested I would get a long note from the requestor demanding there is not be anything wrong with my book or their report it to Paperbook Swap. Hum.. I guess they have never heard of the phrase, Beggers can be choosers. And sometimes I would be overwhlemed with daily book requests.

    The final straw of dealing with PBS, was when a book of mine was listed under the wrong ISBN code. A member requested it. I sent it and the member reported me as misrepresenting the book and called me a fraud. Honestly what do I get for misrepresenting book on a book swap site? A lot of hassle, that’s what.

    The member happily informed told me that the President of the site Richard Pickerling sees me at fault (without notifying me personally about it) and has since put a black mark aganist my record. So she gets her book credit back and gets to keep my book as well. I’m out of a book credit, money spent of postage, and the book.

    So I official quit the site. They won’t give me the option to shut down my account. So I have put my account in “I away from home” until 09/17/2015.

    If PBS is working good for you, God bless. Just make sure your books are listed under the correct ISBN and you’ll be fine. Please kept a note of this when you are listing 20 + books at one setting. Because if anything ever goes wrong with swap, they will never take the time notify you personally about it. They will only secretly put a black mark aganist your record.

    If you are looking to be become a member of PBS, or any swap site for that matter, think about how much time you are willing to devote to this site. If it isn’t much than only list 2-5 books and only join sites they are free. (Otherwise, you could just get the books you want off ebay and donate the old ones to charity) Don’t go crazy and list 20+ books because you will find yourself getting 5-10 book requests daily. Unless you can handle it, you’ll go insane.

    While PBS is free (members do pay for postage) now, it will be paid one within a year. I think its going to be a $1-$2 Per trade. But keep in mind, you still with have to pay for the postage of shipping the book , your time in wrapping and shipping the book, and will be held accountable if anything goes wrong. Also, PBS sells their bookswapping data to book publishers. They won’t sell your email address or personal information but they will tell publishers which books people want, don’t want, or have too much of. This isn’t necessarily a bad idea. Hopefully the book publisher will make more of the books we want.

    Whatever you choose or use, I wish everyone Good luck in their swapping adventures.