DigitalAdvisor relaunch!

Well last night at around 11pm, we at DigitalAdvisor launched a new version of the site! The look and feel has totally changed, and we now have a new feature: Questions and Answers. We’re hoping that it will help people in their research of electronics they’re thinking of buying (or already own, for that matter). And if you help other people out by answering their questions, you can get points and recognition.

Even though I’m not a graphic designer by any means, I’m the closest we have, so most of the work on the look and feel is my doing (with plenty of input from the rest of the company, of course). The layout on some of the pages is not final, and there are plenty of improvements that can be made (there’s more functionality coming, too). But I’m still pretty happy with how it looks.

Go check it out, maybe even ask or answer a question yourself!

6 Responses to “DigitalAdvisor relaunch!”

  1. Matthom Says:

    Very cool site. Give me RSS feeds for various aspects (Q&A areas, Reviews, etc), and I’m an avid user.

    I like the site design though. Very clean and uncluttered.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Thanks, Matt. Don’t worry, we’ll be adding RSS feeds in the future, along with other very necessary features.

  3. Andy Atkinson Says:

    Looks cool, I’ll have to explore more. You could query pricegrabber,, or for the latest pricing information on gadgets too. It looks like you’ve got “Feature merchants” pulling from Amazon. Perhaps you have an exlusive deal with Amazon. This is a site idea I’ve kicked around in the past, but hats off to you for making it happen.

  4. Andy Atkinson Says:

    Oh duh, nevermind, looks like you are maybe using a API.

  5. Jennifer Says:

    Yeah, we use for our offers, in addition to Amazon. Some products don’t have mappings to - either because they don’t have it in their directory, or because there was an issue with trying to match the products on our end.

  6. Casey Says: